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Golden Temple Best Jili Slot Game

Golden Temple Slot Free Game

Golden Frame

Golden Temple Slot Wild Symbol

Golden Temple Slot Paytable

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Golden Temple Best Jili Slot Game

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Embark on an exciting adventure with a captivating explorer in the Golden Temple Hot Jili Slot Game Online Tutorial. This guide is your key to an immersive experience, offering a detailed overview of the game’s rules. Before venturing into real cash gameplay, equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate the slot game and increase your chances of winning big with the best JILI slot games.

Golden Temple Slot Free Game

During the main game, landing symbols in a winning combination triggers the elimination of adjacent symbols, expanding the board and increasing the number of paylines. Once the paylines reach the maximum of 46,656 ways, the free game mode is activated.

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Essentially, it’s a free game consisting of six rounds.

In every Free Game, connected landing symbols are eliminated to award prizes, and the box symbol surrounding them activates special effects. The box symbol transforms into a +1 Spin Symbol for an extra Free Game or a +1 Multiplier Symbol to boost the multiplier.

Achieve the maximum 46,656 paylines in any Free Game to win the Golden Treasure.

Golden Treasure Feature: When the board reaches the maximum paylines, it randomly selects a symbol, converts all symbols to the same, and rewards the player for continuous elimination.

The Golden Treasure is limited to one trigger per game.

The Free Game concludes and total winnings are settled when the number of games reaches 0.

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Golden Frame

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Appears exclusively on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Upon elimination, it transforms into a Wild Symbol.

Golden Temple Slot Wild Symbol

It serves as a substitute for all symbols in the game.

WILDs don’t appear directly; they are only converted from golden symbols.

After the elimination of the Golden-frame Symbol, it transforms into a Wild symbol, which can be eliminated multiple times.

The number on the Wild symbol indicates the times it can be eliminated. If the displayed number is 2 or more, the Wild symbol remains in a winning combination, decreasing by 1.

If the Wild symbol displays a number of 1, it is not shown. Upon being part of a winning combination, the Wild symbol is eliminated and disappears.

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Golden Temple Slot Paytable

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